kathmandu-weatherKATHMANDU: After a pleasant weather for a week, mercury hit 29.8 °C in the Kathmandu Valley on Tuesday. The maximum temperature was recorded at 2:45 pm by the Meteorological Forecasting Division. The MFD had forecast that the maximum temperature  26 - 28 °C for today. Humidity was recorded as 31 per cent at 2:25 pm. The haze that blanketed the Valley for 10 days or so had cleared following a dust storm last Monday. With clouds hovering and cool breeze blowing, people had started wearing warm clothes in the beginning of April. A rainfall of 8.0 mm was recorded in the Valley on April 1. The MFD records show that the average maximum temperature for the month of April is 28.2°C and the average minimum temperature 11.7°C. The average monthly rainfall 61 mm. The MFD had recorded the record high 35.6°C on April 26, 1999. Meanwhile, the MFD forecast says that the hilly region will be party cloudy in the hilly regions towards late afternoon. Also, there are chances of temporary rain or thundershowers in some places in the hilly region towards evening. Similarly, the maximum temperature in Nepalgunj was recorded at 39.1 °C with 24 per cent humidity at 2: 45 pm, while the MFD recorded 38.4 °C with 24 per cent humidity in Dhangadhi at 2: 45 pm.