Mercury rises by six degrees in a single day

Kathmandu, March 30

Although Kathmandu Valley’s weather has been frequently changing these days, maximum temperature in the Valley jumped six degrees to 26.5 degrees Celsius today.

According to Meteorological Forecasting Division, Kathmandu Valley recorded a maximum temperature of 26.5 degrees today against yesterday’s 20.5 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists said rise in temperature was a normal trend during pre-monsoon period. “Pre-monsoon is showing its characteristics gradually,” meteorologist Barun Poudel told The Himalayan Times, adding,”The temperature jumped six degrees in a single day today.”

He said weather would become clear in Kathmandu Valley by Monday. However, westerly wind would reach Kathmandu and continue to disturb the weather. Currently, the westerly system is hovering over Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Such types of disturbances will continue taking place till monsoon. So, fully clear weather for an entire day would be rare during the pre-monsoon season,” said Poudel. In Nepal, March, April and May are considered as pre-monsoon season.

In this season, air becomes warm and light due to which it goes upper level of atmosphere. At the same time, air from nearby areas comes to fill the vacant spaces at high speed within few seconds causing strong winds and storms.

Meanwhile, meteorologists said the smog seen in Kathmandu Valley for the past three days was a mixture of clouds and air pollution. MFD has forecast generally cloudy weather for the eastern region and partly cloudy in the central and western hilly regions. Light rain is likely to occur at a few places of the eastern region tomorrow. Weather would remain mostly fair in the rest of the country, it added.