Met office has good news: Rain havoc on the wane

Kathmandu, July 30:

The Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD) has predicted that the situation of incessant rainfall in different parts of the country will decrease gradually in the next two days.

Almost ten days of rain havoc in the country is on the wane, the MFD said.

There is no record of incessant rainfall across the country in the past 24 hours exceeding

50 mm.

This record is moderate in comparison to the incessant rainfall of up to 225 mm in

the past few days.

“The pressure of the monsoon trough in Nepal is weakening and lowering at present,” Krishna Bhakta Manandhar, senior divisional meteorologist at the MFD, told this daily.

He said that the western parts of the country, where maximum rainfall caused floods in the past few days, are beginning to see sunny days and the rain has started to wane.

Very little rainfall occurred in the past 48 hours and the level of water is on the wane in the flooded areas.

Nepalgunj, the area highly affected by floods, merely received only 1.5 mm rainfall in the past 24 hours.

However, the rainfall volume has shifted towards central and eastern Tarai region recently.

About 255 mm rainfall was observed in Janakpur area on Saturday, which is the highest this year in 24 hours.

Meteorologist Manandhar

said there is no precise mechanism to make long-term prediction of rains.

“We are in monsoon state and seasonal rainfall is obvious; we cannot say how the situation

will be in a week, but based on our system, we can say that the situation will improve in two days.”

“Being in the complex topographical situation, weather prediction is difficult in our country; however, our predictions are about 76 per cent correct,” Manandhar added.

According to Thir Bahadur GC, chief of the Natural Disaster Management Section at the Home Ministry, disasters due to rainfall in the past few days have taken more than 73 lives in the country.

About 17 people have been injured, and 24,500 people have been directly affected.