KATHMANDU: The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD), Kathmandu has seized 110 modified motorcycles from the town.

A total of 110 bullet motorcycles (Royal Enfield) with modified body structure have been taken under control, the Division said.

Many riders are found to have modified their two-wheelers' exhaust system in order to make it sound more powerful, thus adding to the noise pollution in the city.

MTPD Chief Sarvendra Khanal said a campaign against customised motorcycles producing loud noise has been put in place. "Motorcyclists who tend to think that road is just for them and cause noise pollution while driving are under the close observation of traffic police," he said and added, "the traffic police do not hesitate to seize such vehicles and a fine of Rs 5,000 shall be charged in case of customisation of a motorcycle.

The campaign began on April 14 last year after the imposition of the ‘No Horn’ policy.

According to the Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act 2049, it is illegal to perform any kind of modification on vehicles.