Minister appeases Khas community, says concerns will be heard

KATHMANDU: Minister for Law and Justice Prem Bahadur Singh today said that the government is committed to ensure that the rights of people belonging to all castes and ethnicities in the country are safeguarded.

Addressing a programme organised by Nepal National Khas Students’ Society, he reassured that the rights of all castes and ethnicities will be guaranteed by the new constitution. Minister Singh’s statement follows outrage expressed by Khas community that they were not recongnised as indigenous nationalities thereby preventing them from

enjoying an equal opportunity with others in all state organs.

“The new constitution will guarantee the rights

of all Nepalis as per the principle of equity,” the minister said, trying to appease them.

Echoing his views, Deepak Bohara, Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation, said he would raise the voice in Legislature-Parliament to pressurise the government to treat all castes without any prejudice.

Tek Bahadur Thapa, president, Khas Chhetri Trade Union, alleged that they were deprived of their rights because they were Khas and demanded that the state withdraw reservation system without any delay. “It is unjust to boycott Khas community from enjoying opportunities in the countries,” he warned, adding, “If the government doesn’t take prompt steps to encourage all castes in line with their qualifications, the country will face dire consequences”.

Prem Bahadur Khadka, president, Nepal Bar Association, urged the government not to treat the people along class, caste and ethnicity lines that they belong to since it stifles personal growth. Founder governor of Nepal Rastra Bank Himalaya Shamsher JBR urged everyone to refrain from racial slogans and devote more time to nation-building.