Minister Shripaili cleans up Dasharath Stadium toilet

KATHMANDU: Minister for Youth and Sports, Daljit Shripaili, led a team of cleaners to clean up a toilet at the Dasharath Stadium in Kathmandu on Friday morning.

Minister Shripaili had participated in the clean-up programme organised by All Nepal National Independent Students' Union–Revolutionary, a sister organisation of CPN Maoist Centre today in memory of the party's leader late Post Bahadur Bogati.

The union had organised the programme as the country's only international sports venue was in ruinous condition with dense bushes growing on the stadium's parapet.

"We have cleaned up in order to disseminate a symbolic message for post-quake reconstruction," Said Minister Shripaili.

It has been reported that the clean-up programme, which was also participated by All Nepal Sports Federation, has completely changed the stadium's appearance.