Minister Yadav launches booklet on economic empowerment of women

Kathmandu, March 15

Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Sita Devi Yadav today released the booklet ‘Economic Empowerment of Women and Right to Information’ in four languages — Tharu, Maithili, Tamang and Doteli.

The booklet, which was published by National Information Commission, was not enough to inform girls about rights of women, Yadav said. “Organising an event is not of any use unless the commission visits rural areas and makes women aware of their rights,” said the minister.

She commented that both men and women are needed to lead the nation. “Behind every successful woman, there is a man and vice versa. There needs to be equality in all aspects. Even information must be distributed equally,” Yadav commented.

“To get women involved, we have translated the booklet in four languages,” informed Yashoda Devi Timilsina.  “There are different services provided by the government in different sectors but local bodies do not have the information,” said Timilsina, adding that the commission is planning to translate the booklet in more languages and conduct radio broadcasting programs.