Kathmandu, December 12:

Lawmakers today sought explanation from Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Shyam Sundar Gupta on continued shortage of petroleum products in the market.

The finance committee of the parliament asked the minister why the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has not been able to regularise the supply even after raising the prices.

Gupta however said he was desperately trying to arrange funds for the NOC to pay its dues to the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and regularise the supply.

Gupta said he was planning to make changes in the NOC, as its monitoring capacity is poor. He said the NOC has been incurring losses despite increasing prices last month due to a rise in international prices.

Managing director of the NOC Digambar Jha said the NOC’s losses this month could amount to Rs 640 million. He further said the NOC is making plans to adopt a duel price system for domestic and commercial use of cooking gas.

The government has taken no decision on letting airlines increase fuel surcharges though they had given it today’s deadline to take a decision on the same.