Minister Thapa insists on women's representation in every state apparatus

KATHMANDU: Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare Thammaya Thapa has said that the society would see prosperity only after all women were educated.

In her address to a function organised on the 38th anniversary of Dillibazaar Kanya Campus, the Minister insisted on the need of making women competent through the means of education to lead the country toward progress and prosperity.

"The role of women is vital to change the society," Minister Thapa underscored, seeking women's representations at every state apparatus.

She said that the new government would bring substantive policy for the development of education sector.

The college was established in 2037 BS to ensure women's access to education.

Presently, around 1,000 students are enrolled in Bachelor's degree programmes under the faculties of humanities, management and education, and Master's degree in English, sociology and management.