Minor aftershock of Gorkha Earthquake hits Kirtipur

KATHMANDU: A minor aftershock of local magnitude 3.7 was recorded at around 2:40 pm today, with its epicentre around Kirtipur of Kathmandu.

According to chief of the National Seismological Centre, Lok Bijay Adhikari, the tremor was felt in some parts of the Kathmandu Valley.

With its epicentre in Barpak of Gorkha district, a devastating earthquake of local magnitude 7.6 earthquake had struck Nepal on April 25, 2016. It was followed by a powerful aftershock of local magnitude 6.8  on May 12.

Around 9,000 people were killed in the Gorkha Earthquake sequence.

The NSC has alerted the public about as many as 465 significant aftershocks (with local magnitude 4 or above) until July 7, 2016.