MoFALD directs municipalities to submit performance progress report within a week

Kathmandu, June 16

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development today wrote to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and all 12 sub-metropolitan cities and 204 municipalities to submit progress report on the performance contract signed with them earlier.

According to Municipality Planning and Management Section of the ministry, the local bodies were told to furnish progress on each indicator referred to in the performance contract within a week.

“If any local body fails to submit the details within the timeframe, the ministry will prepare its evaluation report accordingly,” it warned.

The ministry had concluded the performance contracts with chief executives of the local bodies in a bid to make them more accountable.

The MoFALD has identified as many as 14 indicators with varying weightage for a total of 250 marks. Local infrastructure development carries weightage marks of 50, good governance, administrative management and control carry 39, and service flow and information technology carry 20.

Similarly, environment protection and sanitation carry 18 marks, financial administration and discipline 17, participatory plan 15, gender and social inclusive development 15, monitoring and evaluation 15, internal resource management 12, social security and personal incident registration 12, land use and management 10, thematic area development 9, livelihood and income generation 5, and miscellaneous 13.

Local bodies that attain 0-40 per cent, 40-50 per cent, 50-60 per cent, 60-80 per cent, 80-90 per cent, and more than 90 per cent will be rated as poor, low, average, good, high, and excellent respectively.

The performance contract aims to make the local bodies and municipalities more competent, strong, service-oriented, and responsible by bringing about reforms in their service delivery mechanisms.