Monsoon likely ahead of normal time

Kathmandu, June 5

The Weather Forecasting Division says this year monsoon is likely to arrive ahead of its normal time due to change in the weather system.

Meteorologist Subas Rimal said generally the onset of monsoon is from June 10, however, a system bringing the monsoon earlier than its normal time has developed.

Normally, monsoon enters Nepal from the eastern region from June 10 and it spreads throughout the country within some days. But this year the monsoon is likely start sooner.

The moisture-laden monsoon wind originating from the Bay of Bengal blows towards the north-westerly direction.

Weatherman Rimal said based on the weather map and the data received from satellite so far, the monsoon system is found to have developed over the eastern and central Bay of Bengal and up to the central parts of Bangladesh, which has increased the likelihood of the arrival of monsoon in  Nepal earlier than the normal time of the year.

Cloudy conditions with intermittent rain that has been seen in the country is because of the pre-monsoon and ready-to-arrive monsoon, according to Rimal.

Meanwhile, temperature has increased excessively in the country including in the Kathmandu Valley as the weather system bringing rain has not developed.

According to recent details of the Weather Forecast Division, Kathmandu Valley experienced 32 degree Celsius heat yesterday.

As per the detail released by the Division at 8:45am this morning, the maximum temperature of Kathmandu was 32 degree Celsius and minimum temperature was 21 degrees Celsius on Sunday. The Division expects  Kathmandu’s temperature today to remain between 29-30 degree Celsius as most of the parts of the country witnessed rain. Now rainfall is taking place in eastern hilly areas and Kathmandu valley.