More vehicles to ply on Bhaktapur route

Kathmandu, August 1:

The Bhaktapur Minibus Sewa Samiti (BMSS) is preparing to run 60 micro buses on Kamal Binayak-New Bus Park route via Surya Binayak to provide fast and quality transport service to the people. Currently 35 old-model mini buses are plying on the route. “We are adding micro buses because the mini buses alone are not being able to meet the demand of the people,” said president of the BMSS, Ram Kajee Bhuju. He said the Mid-Valley Bus Entrepreneurs’ Association has opposed the move saying they are also preparing to run 25 micro buses on the Chyamasingh-New Bus Park route. The association has 63 mini buses plying from Chyamasingh of Bhaktapur to Old Bus Park. A meeting between the two organisations could not come to any conclusion today. They will meet again tomorrow afternoon. However, the entrepreneurs are not hopeful about reaching a consensus. “I don’t think we are going to reach an agreement,” said Prakash Dongol, president of MVBEA. Treasurer of the BMSS, Rajan Kasalawat, said: “If everything goes as planned, we will begin new services after two weeks.”