Most reports with donors’ funds manipulated, says Bhattachan

Kathmandu, September 3 :

Sociologist Dr Krishna Bahadur Bhattachan today said that reports of the many researches conducted with financial support of donor agencies are manipulated. Citing a number of examples of different experts and his own personal experiences, he said that positive aspects are unnecessarily highlighted while negative findings are kept under wraps in order to fulfill the interests of the donors.

Addressing an interaction on “Researches on Donors’ Money: What can we do?” organised by the Martin Chautari, Dr Bhattachan said that the situation would improve after the restructuring of the state.

“We have outlined the grounds for the autonomous regions and even if we leave, people would get the regions at any cost,” Dr Bhattachan quoted Maoists supremo Prachanda as saying during his last meeting with him. Talking radically against Brahmanism, Dr Bhattachan, said most of the key positions of the bilateral and multilateral donor organisations are captured by Brahmins and Chhetris and they block the funds meant for the indigenous nationalities and other suppressed groups.

He expressed concerns over the disparity in remuneration between Nepali and foreign experts for similar jobs. “Foreign experts draw many times more than their Nepali counterparts,” he said.

Pratyoush Onta of Martin Chautari said many Nepali researchers are not solely depending on donors and are conducting various important researches and publishing books.