MPO, KMC sign MoU for collaborative ties

Kathmandu, November 22

The Metropolitan Police Office and the Office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City today signed a Memorandum of Understanding on collaboration between two entities for maintaining urban law and order.

Police Commissioner AIGP Bigyan Raj Sharma on behalf of MPO and chief executive Rudra Singh Tamang on behalf of KMC signed the 33-point MoU amid a function organised in the capital.

The MoU envisages a mechanism for coordination and collaboration between MPO and KMC for implementation of various issues of public concern and maintenance of law and order. The signing of MoU comes after the metropolis endorsed a conclusion derived from a rigorous discussion between KMC and MPO, and approval thereof by the Nepal Police Headquarters.

KMC chief Tamang said the MoU was signed with a view to institutionalising the collaboration and coordination between the two parties.

“The MoU will be of great help at a time when both agencies are required to work together in areas of post-earthquake reconstruction, road expansion and acquisition of public land, among other things.

As per the MoU, nine overhead bridges will be constructed in as many road sections of Kathmandu within three years. Similarly, both parties have agreed to reduce the height of guard rails along existing overhead bridges to prevent criminal activities, exchange information and CCTV footages and give MPO access to information about business registration. The MOU will be valid for five years and can be extended for up to two years at a time.