Mutineers' detention without trial draws NHRC's flak

KATHMANDU: National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) today expressed serious concerns over the violation of rights of 45 police personnel who have been detained on charge of mutiny in Nepalgunj since two years.

Writing a letter to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), the constitutional rights body, expressed its deep concerns over the violation of human rights of the police personnel. It said that the case is pending for two years now.

“Their detention cannot be termed legal and justifiable since the case is not decided for a long time,” the NHRC reasoned.

Stating that the men were arrested but not brought to trial, NHRC said it amounted to miscarriage of justice on police personnel and their depended family members. The constitutional body also argued that injustice was done on them since they did not receive salary for the entire period of suspension.

Arguing that the decision on such cases be issued within six months, the rights body said that the delay in hearing has violated their fundamental rights and their family members.

The constitutional rights body urged to expedite the hearing as per Section 16(1) of the Special Court Act, 2002, which states that the court should decide any case within six months and to provide one-fourth salary to the detainees during the period of suspension to protect the rights of the depended family members. Some 45 police personnel have been detained in Dhangadhi, Ghorahi and Tulsipur barracks following a mutiny two years ago.

The case is pending before the Police Special Court.

The NHRC also urged the government to provide one-fourth of their salary and to expedite the hearing.