NA complains of hurdles in training

KATHMANDU: Nepali Army (NA) today complained to the lawmakers that they were facing many hurdles in their training and regular works due to the dearth of adequate arms and ammunition.

Briefing the overall situation to a delegation of State Affairs Committee (SAC) of the parliament today, the NA delegation maintained that the authorities concerned should address the problems facing them.

The NA has repeatedly urged the government to pave the way for the import of arms and ammunition, although the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that was signed in 2006 bars to do so. The CPA provision states, “Both sides shall not carry on further recruitments, shall not transport arms and ammunition or pose difficulties militarily against each other.” The NA has also initiated the process of recruiting army personal to fulfill its vacant posts, according to Ram Nath Dhakal, SAC chairman.

There are 5,000 posts lying vacant in the NA which has upset their works, the NA maintains. However, CPA bars NA to call the vacancy to fulfill its vacant posts.

According to the NA, Chief of the Army Staff Chhatra Man Singh Gurung told the SAC members that if the recruitment process could move along, it would be easy to increase the strength of women in the NA.

The NA also briefed the lawmakers about the latest security situation in the country and the possible challenges in the coming days. SAC Chairman Dhakal said, “NA said that increasing armed groups in different parts of the nation are emerging as major challenges to National Security.”

Similarly, NA complained that it has not received sufficient budget as demanded and physical infrastructure of the army camps are in a miserable condition. They further said that about 50 percent army personals are spending their days in the bunker.

Similarly, the NA claimed that 50 percent of its aircrafts are grounded and government has not allocated money for their maintenance. The Ministry of Defense has sought the budget from the Ministry of Finance for the maintenance of the aircrafts. However, the Ministry of Finance has turned down the request.

Meanwhile, the members of SAC committee raised the issues of corruption and mismanagement at NA rank and file. However, the NA refuted the charges and assured that it was taking action against those who are involved in such activities. The SAC members suggested the NA to invest the welfare fund at different sectors to improve the current situation but the NA showed technical and practical difficulties to do so. The officials also assured that it was committed to CPA and was abided by the government’s decision. Chairman Dhakal said other security agencies will also air their views on their latest situation.

NA complaints

• Shortage of arms and


• Poor physical infrastructure

• 50 per cent of air craft


• 5,000 posts lying vacant

• 50 per cent of soldiers living in bunker

• Defense budget too small