NA conducts rehearsal to respond to COVID-19

Kathmandu, March 18

Nepali Army today carried out a rehearsal to contain risk of coronavirus infection, precautionary measures and treatment methods. The rehearsal conducted at NA headquarters in Bhadrakali featured arrival of a suspected patient, medical check-up procedure, isolation ward and quarantine procedures and medical facilities while in quarantine.

Structure of the demo health facility and isolation wards were set up with the help of tents.

The rehearsal aimed at creating awareness among people and NA bodies on treatment methods in hospital and in quarantine facility, preventive measure against the disease and measures to be taken by medical personnel to stay remain safe from infection while treating patient, said NA Spokesperson Bigyan Dev Pandey.

Over 60 tents were used for the rehearsal. A 18-member medical team including 50 doctors was involved in the rehearsal. Information about proper hand-washing technique, preventive measure for doctors and health workers while measuring temperature of patient was given through the rehearsal.

The NA headquarters and its subordinate bodies have already begun the process of measuring body temperature of NA staffers and distributing sanitiser to them before entering offices as precautionary measure against the COV- ID-19, which now poses a global threat. However, no one has been found infected so far by the virus in Nepal.