NA to have eight divisions: Defence Minister

KATHMANDU: Minister for Defence Bhimsen Das Pradhan has said that construction works of the fast-track would be completed on the deadline due to Nepal Army's capable human resources and its chain of command.

At an interaction programme organised in the Capital on Friday, Defence Minister Pradhan said that capacity building of Nepal Army was needed to give additional responsibility of development construction.

He clarified that the responsibility for the construction of fast-track linking Tarai-Madhes with the Capital city was given to the NA on the basis of the evaluation of the construction works carried out by the NA in the country's remote areas.

Recalling that that NA was deployed to hold the elections in a free and fearless environment, the Defence Minister said preparations to establish a division each in seven provinces as well as one in Kathmandu has been forwarded in course of building the NA structure as per the federal structure.