NA to observe golden jubilee on June 23

Kathmandu, June 11:

Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation today formed a 101-member committee chaired by Minister of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation, Prithvi Subba Gurung, to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Nepal Academy on June 23.

After forming the committee, minister Gurung said, “I have sent the letter in this connection to the authorities concerned so that preparation works would be accelerated.”

Though the Academy had sent a letter to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation nearly a month ago seeking approval to form a committee for the event, the confirmation from the Ministry was received today.

Meanwhile, the NA staffers are in a state of confusion about how to celebrate the Golden Jubilee on June 23 when there is no academic council. “Absence of officials at the academic council since last June has hampered our daily works,” said Uday Khanal, joint administrative chief at the NA.

The administrative chiefs, who have been given authority to conduct daily activities, are unable to take any policy level decision, he said.

“The NA is unable to publish books and journals due to the lack of decision-making authority,” said Keshab Chandra Neupane, joint administrative chief at the NA.