NAFEA President Dhakal fielded as President candidate for second term

KATHMANDU: Nepal Democratic Foreign Employment Entrepreneurs Forum (NDFEEF) has fielded incumbent President of the Nepal Association for Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA), Bimal Dhakal, as the candidate for the second term as well. The 25th general assembly of NAFEA is taking place on July 14.

Organising a programme, the panel headed by candidate Dhakal was made public on Friday.

Pragyan Neupane is contesting for the post of First Vice-President from the Bimal Dhakal panel while Bhuwan Gurung and Nawal Kishor Shah are in the race for the posts of Second Vice-President and Third Vice-President respectively.

Similarly, Sujit Shrestha, Binod Jung KC and Radhika Katwal have been fielded for General Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer from the Dhakal Group.

Various organisations, including Nepal Democratic Foreign Employment Entrepreneurs Forum (NDFEEF), close to the Nepali Congress, Tarai Foreign Employment Forum, close to Madhes-centric parties, Dhaulashree Society, Foreign Employment Lalitpur Society and Tamang Society have supported Bimal Dhakal Group.