NAST building centre for learning science

Lalitpur, November 24:

The Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) is all set to construct a Science Learning Centre and a national laboratory.

The learning centre, to be built on NAST premises in Khumaltar, is a wider and inventive form of science museum. Scientific inventions and technologies will be displayed at the museum. While the centre will provide information on rapidly evolving frontiers of science, the national laboratory will be equipped with most of the equipment needed for conducting researches in Nepal.

Prof Dr Hom Nath Bhattarai, vice-chancellor of the NAST, said the centre will offer information on science and technology to all, including students and laymen. “It will connect the world of science with the practical world of commoners,” he said.

The laboratory will provide the students and researchers with a platform to carry out studies and researches. India is providing financial assistance for the project, while the National Council of Science Museum is providing technical assistance.