Navadurga Nach begins

Bhaktapur, January 16

The six-month-long Navadurga Nach, also known as the ‘fish killing festival’, began from Suryamadhi of Bhaktapur yesterday. This historic dance originated during the Malla era (10th to 18th century).

The dance will be performed at 21 places, including Dattatraya, Kwathandau and Gachen of  Bhaktapur Municipality till January 29. Thereafter, the festival will be observed in Sankhu for four days before taking it to Chagunarayan.

The dance will conclude on the day of Bhalbhal Astami in the month of Shrawan in the lunar calendar, according to secretary of the festival organising committee Ratnaman Banmala. Areas where this dance is performed include Tamuadhi, Talako, pottery square, Nasamana, Kwachhe, Tibukche, Sukuldhoka, Durbar Square, Khauma and Itacche.