NBA asks govt to let

Kathmandu, November 29:

Nepal Bar Association (NBA), adopting its 14-point declaration, said it is against putting pressure on the judiciary to protect the rule of law in the country.

During its national conference on human rights in Biratnagar, NBA said it always believes in the rule of law, the supremacy of the constitution, and an independent judiciary. “The NBA urges the government to create an environment for the judiciary to work independently,” the declaration states.

The declaration, responding to the 12-point understanding between the political parties and the Maoists, has also urged the concerned authorities to create a conducive environment to restore peace in the country. It has urged the government to reciprocate Maoists’ unilateral truce and to show its commitment for peace at a time when even the Maoists are ready to do so.

The declaration has urged the government to scrap the controversial ordinances - including the Media Ordinance - dissolve the controversial Royal Commission for Corruption Control and the current government to create the space for an representatives government, and conducive environment for free and fair elections. The NBA also expressed its commitment to keep its voice up against the country’s problems.