Kathmandu, April 7:

The Nepal Bar Association today issued circular to all its units to actively participate in the demonstration on Sunday and support the political parties’ movement for restoring democracy in the country.

“The NBA has decided to support the political parties’ movement. Therefore, every bar unit should actively participate in the movement,” the circular issued by NBA General Secretary, Madhav Banskota, states. It also urged lawyers practising in the valley to participate in a rally from the NBA office on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the NBA today organised a sit-in outside its central office.

The country is in a crucial situation, the lawyers said, calling on the King and the government to take the demands put forth by the people seriously.

“The King and the government have been terming every event of importance an ordinary incident,” said NBA president Shambhu Thapa, quipping: “What special incident are the King and the government waiting for?”

“The people have been calling for restoration of their rights, but the King is not taking the demand seriously,” Thapa said.

Addressing the sit-in, which saw the participation of about 400 lawyers, Thapa said the present situation was the outcome of the power exercised by the King in an autocratic manner. The King should be ready to listen to the voice of the people, he said.

The NBA organised the sit-in against the arrest of lawyers and professionals while they were taking part in a rally on Wednesday.

“Everybody should realise why people have been killed and be ready to restore peace and democracy,” he added.

Senior advocate and member of the National Assembly, Radheshyam Adhikary, said ruling through ordinances could not be termed rule of law.

“Since the government is not following the Constitution, how can it claim to have been working to maintain law and order?” he added.