NC CC puts its seal on Mahasamiti

KATHMANDU: Going against the wishes of their party president Girija Prasad Koirala, Nepali Congress (NC) Central Committee meeting today decided to hold the Mahasamiti meeting. The meeting is slated for October 31 to November 2, in Kathmandu as decided earlier.

The Central Committee (CC) meeting on August 29 had decided to hold the meeting in Birgunj. But the party president Koirala had urged the party leaders to cancel it citing that the meeting was going to be “costly” and “irrelevant” one.

The NC has scheduled its 12th NGC in Kathmandu

from March 10 to 14, next year. The CC members and central leaders remained sharply

divided over holding the Mahasamiti meeting.

The party president, backed by a few CC members, had suggested that the Mahasamiti meeting be cancelled. But the majority of the leaders, including Sushil Koirala, party’s acting president and Ram

Chandra Paudel, vice president, won the day, for holding the meeting as scheduled.

The Mahasamiti meeting is to sort out major issues related

to contemporary politics, constitution writing, state restructuring and outline the party’s revised statute.

The congress camp supporting for the motion argued that the Mahasamiti meeting was necessary for the party to take key decisions on a long-term basis. But for those, including party president Koirala, opposing the move, the meeting was not necessary since it would invite protests and complaints from the Mahasamiti members, which could possibly give a negative message about them in the upcoming NGC.

Today’s CC meeting also

discussed about forming a committee which will implement

the report concerning action against rebel candidates

and party workers, who went against the party decision during the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections.

The CC will take the decision in the next meeting slated for Sunday, said spokesperson Arjun Narsingh K.C. The party has already expelled five rebel candidates from the general membership of the party as recommended by the committee headed by Chiranjivi Wagle.

The proposed report implementation committee will take a decision on the pending cases against many rebel candidates and party workers who had been given amnesty by the Wagle committee, said party sources.

On September 7, a committee led by central member Chiranjivi Wagle had submitted a report recommending action against few other rebel candidates and party workers.

The committee was formed to review the CA elections and probe into the complaints against those who did not support party’s authentic candidates in the CA elections.

Although, the committee received hundreds of complaints from about 42 districts against a number of rebel candidates and workers, it had recommended action against only a few.