NC condemns bomb attack on Thapa

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress issued a press release condemning a bomb attack that targeted its parliamentary candidate from Kathmandu parliamentary constituency-4 Gagan Kumar Thapa. Thapa sustained injuries in his leg, ear and backbone.

The NC said, “The Nepali Congress utterly condemns this bomb attack which was carried out with the intention of killing NC candidate and cadres,”

The party said candidate Thapa sustained injuries in his ear, leg and backbone.

The NC said this incident had raised question on the citizens’ inherent right to hold peaceful election programmes and the incident has ridiculed the democratic norms and culture.

The NC warned against repeat of such attacks.

“Such attacks are being carried out almost daily against Nepali Congress’ candidates for parliamentary and provincial candidates and its cadres by those forces that are afraid of the popularity and support increasing for the Nepali Congress and democracy. It is extremely worrying that anti-democratic forces are carrying out these serial attacks in a planned manner with the intention of sabotaging democracy. NC candidates, cadres and people who have unlimited lover for NC will not be deterred by this attack,” the NC said in its release.

The party also said that Dhruba Khadka, Jay Raj Lamichhane, Rajkaji Shrestha, Shyam Krishna Shrestha, Suman Khadka, Ravbindra Karki, Pushpa Bahadur Shrestha, Radhika Karki, Kashi Lal Shrestha, Rima Basnet and Roshan Ram Thapa were also injured in the incident.