NC is in need of urgent reform, says leader Singh

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has said that the party was in need of urgent reforms.

Speaking at a 'tea reception and get-together' programme organised by Nepali Congress Kathmandu-chapter today, Singh said that Nepali Congress needed to be reformed as it got poor results in the elections.

"The party well-wishers and cadres have been suggesting to me that the party was in need of reform. I will pressurise the party president for the same," said the former general secretary of the party.

He argued that the party performed poorly in the elections as it could not function according to the party statute.

"The number of votes the party got towards the proportional representation system of the election shows that the people's faith in the Nepali Congress has not diminished," he said.

He stated that the NC's poor election results were because the party could not disseminate well the good works it had carried out while leading the government.

Leader Singh suggested that rather than only looking up to the leaders for development the people should exert pressure on them for the same.