NC lawmakers flay party ministers

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress (NC) lawmakers today criticised ministers representing the party for their poor performance in the government.

At the party’s Parliamentary Party meeting today, some lawmakers

advised the party leadership to call back the ministers. They said that the ministers were unable to work effectively. They also urged the party leadership to fulfill the responsibility of giving the peace process a logical end.

NC spokesperson Nabindra Raj Joshi said that lawmakers raised questions to ministers regarding their performance in the government. Lawmaker Gagan Thapa questioned, “Does it augur well for the party and the nation if NC fled from leading the government and the peace process?”

He urged senior leaders to seriously think about NC’s future and the future of the peace process and set the party’s strategy accordingly. He also drew the attention of the leadership on the party’s “paralysed” state and its defunct wings. “Although, the NC led the peace process, it could not win the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections; its performance is degrading across the country, and the Maoists’ influence is growing side by side. However, leaders are engaged in petty interests of their own,” Thapa said. He added that the ongoing trend would lead to the party’s downfall.

NC central member Arjun Joshi said the leaders should give up the thought that NC must be there

in the government all

the time. “If the ministers underperform then there is no meaning of being there in the government,” he said. Responding to lawmakers’ concerns Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala expressed regret on the growing influence of the CPN-UML in the government. She said the UML ministers were not concerned about the NC while making decisions and political appointments.