NC leader Gagan Thapa forwards 11-pt suggestions to govt to tackle COVID-19

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress leader Gagan Thapa on Wednesday offered support to the government while submitting an eleven point paper elaborating on necessary steps that need to be considered immediately in order to address concerns surrounding COVID-19 spread.

Thapa had written a letter to Deputy Prime Minister Ishwar Pokhrel, who also heads the high-level coordination committee for the control and prevention of coronavirus, suggesting the government of the immediate measures needed to be taken and ideas that can be incorporated to fill the gaps that exist in preparatory measures.

The letter contains multi-dimensional suggestions on the impending issue. Thapa has provided sub-points for and elaborated on the following areas : immigration, preparation for tasks that come under Health Ministry's jurisdiction, matters concerning citizens currently away from the country, dissemination of information, social distancing, contact tracing, supply management and market monitoring, problems faced by the financial sector, hospital waste management system, management of regular health services, pocket area lock down when required.

Thapa said he forwarded his suggestions in a bid to provide support to the government in its endeavour to fight the possible spread of the aggressive virus and has offered further help if the authorities require any from him.


On March 1, the former health minister had also tabled a proposal of public interest asking the government to come up with a solid action plan for the awareness and preparedness against threat from coronavirus.

The government launched some drastic measures to counter novel coronavirus threat, appealing to the people not to leave their homes unless it was urgent, on March 8.