NC objects to Maoist unilateral declaration

LALITPUR: The Nepali Congress (NC) today strongly condemned the Unified CPN-Maoist for declaring autonomous federal states in various parts of the country in an illegitimate way. The party also warned the former rebels to immediately withdraw its move.

“It’s against the Interim Constitution, Comprehensive Peace Accord and purview of the Constituent Assembly (CA),” said NC vice president and parliamentary party leader Ram Chandra Paudel. Speaking at a press

meet organised at the party headquarters today, Paudel added that it was the Maoists’ irresponsible and objectionable act which would be completely rejected by his party.

“The Maoists, on the one hand, are making a publicity that other parties wanted to dissolve the CA. They, on the other hand, are announcing autonomous federal states from outside the CA. It’s a sheer disrespect towards the CA,” Paudel said.

“NC will never give in to any such illegitimate attempts of the Maoists,” he clarified.

“The Maoists’ such act will invite social and political turmoil, fuel conflict among the people of different communities, create anarchy in the country and eventually lead the country towards a civil war,” read a NC press statement distributed during the programme.