KATHMANDU: At a time when romours are rife about some parties' possible withdrawal of support to the UML-led government, Nepali Congress (NC) Parliamentary Party (PP) leader Ram Chandra Paudel today said that the party did not want to invite any risk by toppling the Madhav Kumar Nepal-led coalition government. "If at all anyone does this, it will only boomerang them with disastrous consequences,” warned Paudel.
He clarified that NC has an unflinching support to the UML-led coalition government.
“NC PP and Central Committee have recently expressed firm commitment in this regard, so the party will not involve in toppling the present government for it will only invite risk in the process of writing the constitution." Poudel was addressing a programme in the capital.
He further said that the present government would continue until the new general elections are held after promulgating the new constitution.
He also ruled out that the leaders of major parties were working out a new power-equation. "I am unaware of such a game being played. But if it is true it will only boomerang the leaders involved in it and subsequently invite misfortune to the country," Paudel said, cautioning the leaders not to involve in any power game.
He also dismissed the claim by Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala for the post of Deputy Prime Minister as 'irrelevant'. "The NC is not compromising its stance whatsoever for the third position in the government. This too is an irrelevant charge. If the party had wanted a better position, it could have raised the issue in the very beginning," he said, responding to a query on the latest remarks made by the Foreign Minister.
Paudel also ruled out the claims made by the UCPN-Maoist that the present government was incapable of writing a constitution without the latter's participation.
“The Constituent Assembly (CA) and the government are two different entities so the constitution can be written even without Maoists' participation in the government,” he said, urging the Maoists to play a constructive role as the opposition party if at all they wished the constitution to be written on time.