NEA determines new tariff for imported electricity

KATHMANDU: Nepal Electricity Authority has determined the new tariff for the electricity that is being imported from India.

The meeting of the Nepal-India Electricity Exchange Committee held on Tuesday in New Delhi of India has fixed the tariff to be Rs 8.88 in minimum to Rs 10.32 in maximum per unit.

NEA Spokesperson Prabal Adhikari was quoted in the Rastriya Samachar Samiti as saying, “The new tariff has been determined at INRs 5.55 in minimum and INRs 6.45 in maximum per unit.”

The tariff for the electricity to be imported from India through small transmission line remains high compared to the one imported through big, said Spokesperson Adhikari.

He further explained that the electricity to be imported through transmission line of 11 kilovolt would stand at Rs 10.32, 33 kv at Rs 9.60 and 132 Kv at Rs 8.88.

The new tariff for the electricity to be imported from India would be fixed by another meeting of the Committee to be held within March next year, said Adhikari.

Earlier, India had been increasing the tariff of electricity to be exported to Nepal by 5.5 per cent per unit.

But the recently held meeting has decided to scrap this decision and implement a new system based on consensus, shared Adhikari.

The Committee's meeting, which could not be called for six years, was held after the new leadership took the responsibility in NEA, added Spokesperson Adhikari.

According to him, the meeting has reached the decision to hold the secretarial level meeting between the Energy Secretaries of both the  countries to make decisions for the constructions of the three transmission lines of 132 Kv and two of 22 Kv.

Similarly, the meeting agreed to re-operate the long defunct 33 Kv Dhangadi-Paliya transmission line within two months.

The transmission line had been used to import 10 mega watt of electricity from India.

Meanwhile, the meeting also decided to import additional 100 mega watt electricity from India through inter-country transmission line in view of the preventing power outage in Nepal during the winter, according to Spokesperson Adhikari.

Currently, Nepal has been importing 380 mega watt of electricity from India.