KATHMANDU: A significant tremor hit the Kathmandu Valley at 5:58 am this morning, shaking up houses for a few seconds and waking up the residents. Many people ran outside their houses as they felt shaking was violent.

The National Seismological Centre said the April 25 earthquake's aftershock recorded this morning was of local magnitude 4.4 with its epicentre at 27.68°N, 85.28°E in the Kathmandu Valley itself.

The co-ordinates show that the epicentre was in Kirtipur area.

The tremor, which has been classified as light, was felt in neighbouring districts also.

As many as 321 significant aftershocks (of ML 4.0 or above) have followed the massive April 25 earthquake, which was of local magnitude 7.6, so far, according to the NSC. An ML 4.1 aftershock was recorded in Dolakha at 9:56 pm yesterday evening.

Also, the NSC has recorded over 20,000 minor shocks.

The official death toll of the devastating earthquake and aftershocks has reached 8792, while hundreds of people are still unaccounted for. Over 23,300 people were injured.

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