Nepal needs to enhance aviation system: ICAO

Kathmandu, November 23:

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) team concluded its mission today by highlighting the need to improve and enhance “aviation system” in Nepal, said the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). The ICAO members Fareed Ali Shah and Roger Mulbery met Tourism Minister Pradip Gyawali, Tourism Secretary Madhav Ghimire, director general of the CAAN Mohan Adhikari in a de-briefing programme.

Senior officials of the CAAN and representatives of the country’s airlines were also present at the de-briefing programme held at the CAAN office today. The mission members pointed out the need to improve the country’s aviation system, said CAAN DG Adhikari. “The mission will soon send a report to the CAAN including its recommendations, which we will try our best to implement and make necessary changes in our rules and regulations,” Adhikari told this daily.

The ICAO team that was here at the government’s request also met the Shree Air accident probe team headed by justice Kesari Raj Pandit. The ICAO team had arrived in Kathmandu on November 18 to observe aviation safety standards and regulations and compliance of those rules and regulations.

The team was here to discuss with the concerned tourism and the CAAN authorities regarding issues pertaining to safety oversight, accident investigation, safety management, standard operating procedures and safety programmes. Nepal is a member country of ICAO while CAAN guidelines and regulations are based on the ICAO standards. The team will soon present its report based on its observation on aviation safety in Nepal to the government and ICAO headquarters in Bangkok.

Mulbery will leave Nepal tomorrow while Shah will stay here to attend a meeting of director generals of civil aviation of South Asia slated to be held on November 27 in Kathmandu.