Nepal Tourism Board launches Nepali festivals based photo competition

KATHMANDU: Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) on Thursday announced the launch of a photo competition depicting culture and festivals of Nepal.

According to the press release issued by NTB, the main objective of the competition is to bring hopes into the lives of Nepali people and spread positivity.

They achieve to do so by engaging people in creative work of arts so that they feel optimistic, become encouraged to overcome the present COVID-19 crisis and embrace the new normal scenario.

During the competition launch programme, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NTB Dhananjay Regmi expressed his hope that organizing such competitions will give a platform for the people to engage, interact and explore their talents of art and creativity. This will further promote Nepal’s tourism in the national and international fronts through the domestic culture, traditions and festivals, Regmi added.

CEO Regmi further said that the enthusiasm and fervor shown by the contestants in the past has been so much encouraging that the NTB took a decision to organize the photo competition as photo series competition this time.

Participants will need to post seven different pictures depicting the festivals, festive activities or any relevant pictures online on the photo campaign website by November 25, 2020.

The outstanding five participants will be handed-over a cash prize of 10 thousand rupees each as a token of love and inspiration, according to NTB.

The board has been organizing the photo campaign giving it a name #photonepal with an objective of promoting Nepal’s tourism since last four years.

The first photo exhibition displayed some incredible photos of Nepal taken by Tony Hagen on February 2016.

Similarly, the promotion of Nepal’s tourism through the launching of photo campaign as a work of art took a larger shape with the launching of with over twenty-five thousand pictures posted by 11 thousand members archived so far.