Nepali Congress protest over 'budget leak' delays debate

KATHMANDU: Owing to the protest by main opposition Nepali Congress, the Parliament could not begin discussion on the annual budget statement for the upcoming fiscal year 2016/17 on Monday.

Speaker Onsari Gharti could not resume the proceedings on her fourth attempt at 3 pm today as the opposition lawmakers continued the protest.

She then announced that the meeting now has been adjourned for 11 am on Tuesday.

Earlier, she had postponed the meeting thrice - for today itself.

The NC has announced that it would not let the debate begin unless the Parliament formed a probe panel to look into how media got information about size and features of the budget announcement before it was presented at the House on Saturday.


Nepali Congress obstructs House over 'budget leak'

KATHMANDU: The main opposition Nepali Congress on Monday obstructed the House meeting claiming the government 'leaked' the annual budget statement before it was Presented at the Parliament on Saturday.

The opposition lawmakers demanded that the House form a probe panel to look into the issue.

As soon as the Parliament meeting began this morning, lawmaker and former finance minister Ram Sharan Mahat spoke on behalf of the party and showed a newspaper article which had published information about the budget before it was presented.

He urged the government to inform the House how the confidential information was leaked.

Then lawmakers from the party protested standing up from their seats, Speaker Onsari Gharti postponed the meeting for half an hour.

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After half an hour, the Speaker resumed the meeting, but the NC lawmakers against obstructed the proceedings.

Speaking during the second obstruction, lawmaker Ramesh Lekhak said the party would not led the House move ahead the issue was investigated into.

Then, Speaker Gharti again postponed the meeting.

The obstruction was repeated during the third meeting also.

The Nepali Congress on Sunday had concluded that the budget violated the fiscal discipline.

Some members of the Parliament from the party had also demanded resignation of Finance Minister Bishnu Paudel claiming he was responsible for the leak of confidential information to the media.