Nepali Congress parliamentary party meeting is underway at the Federal Parliament, in Kathmandu.

The main opposition party called the meeting to discuss the current political situation following reinstatement of the House of Representatives, and the role it should play in the Parliament.

Following House reinstatement and the ongoing tussle between the two factions of ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP), the role of Nepali Congress has become more prominent in the formation of a new government.

NC Whip Pushpa Bhusal had earlier said that the NC parliamentary party would dwell on communication that had taken place between the party leadership and other parties, and the expected role of NC in the Parliament.

Regarding the parliamentary party meeting, Bhusal stated that it will prepare the modality for NC to be present in the House meeting, as an effective opposition.

"Our party needs to work to ensure political stability and protect democracy and the constitution," Bhusal had said.