Network of social workers formed

Kathmandu, March 1:

The First National Conference of the Youth Social Workers, 2007 concluded here today with the formation of an e-forum, an electronic network of youth social workers. The e-forum will disseminate information about social work and contemporary issues to all its members.

“The e-forum will help build a network between all youth social workers,” said Suran Maharjan, the organiser of the conference. “Youth social workers suffered in the past due to lack of proper coordination among them,” he said, adding, “The conference has developed a network, which will increase coordination and efficiency among youth social workers.” At the two-day conference, veteran social workers Gauri Pradhan, president of the Child Workers Concerned Centre in Nepal (CWIN) and human rights activist Krishna Pahadi presented papers on contemporary social issues, including the role of youth social workers in the Constituent Assembly (CA) polls, role of youths in peace-building, ensuring child rights, women rights, guidelines on life skills and HIV/AIDS.

Pahadi said the youths’ role is most essential for the success of CA. Awareness campaigns should be launched to make the youths aware of present political developments.

Over 150 students took part in the conference. Antina Ranjit, a first year student of social work at the Padma Kanya College, said the programme has helped broaden her understanding of social issues.

“I will use the knowledge that I received during the conference to raise awareness in the society.” She stressed the need to organise such conferences to develop cooperation between social workers.