New Nepal ‘merely a slogan’ for parties

Kathmandu, March 23:

Participants at an interaction on social inclusion said today that parties agreed to restructure the state and ensure inclusion only because of public pressure.

Prof Krishna Khanal said the parties agreed to go for state restructuring and inclusion because they were in no position to ignore the agenda of restructuring the state and inclusion, which are prerequisites for making a new Nepal.

“State restructuring and inclusion figure in election manifestos, though the parties are not clear whether Nepal really needs them or they are ready to accept them,” he said.

“When the constitution will be written, we will claim that it belongs to ‘we, the people’, but the parties are not clear who these people are. The parties are still not ready to accept the fact that Nepal is composed of various peoples,” he said.

Sociologist Dr Mukta Singh Tamang said, “The parties are deliberately avoiding some vital issues. Disgruntled communities will unleash to violence if the parties do not raise these issues in the CA.”