New policy must to combat HIV: MPs

Lalitpur, October 26:

Members of Parliament (MPs) today stressed the need to formulate a new policy and come up with fresh programmes to combat HIV/AIDS.

Speaking at a national workshop on Youth and HIV/AIDS, they also called on the government to protect the youths from HIV/AIDs and other sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) by providing education and information on STDs through school and college-level curricula. MP Birod Khatiwada said the government needs to be more serious about future of the youths.

“The state should disseminate information about HIV/AIDS and educate youths about it. Once they are aware of HIV/AIDS, they can come to the fore, seeking treatment, advice and

support,” said Khatiwada. “There is a need to formulate a new policy on HIV. Information on HIV/AIDS should be disseminated through school and college-level curricula.”

Partner agencies have provided enough funds to the government, MP Banshidhar Mishra said, urging the government to launch its initiatives to combat HIV/AIDS.