Newars launch awareness campaign

Kathmandu, December 13

A group of indigenous activists from Newar community living in the Kathmandu valley, with support of other independent indigenous activists, today launched a mass awareness campaign in ‘Newa Province’.

According to convener of the campaign Arjun Maharjan, the mass indigenous nationalities awareness campaign expressed solidarity with the ongoing Madhes movement in Tarai.

An interaction with journalists was held on the premises of Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities Journalists in Anamnagar today.

Speaking at the interaction, sociologist Krishna Bhattachan said, “We want the media to take up the responsibility of a watch-dog and create public opinion regarding the prevailing political as well as social issues related to indigenous and Madhes communities.”

Speaking at the program, human rights activist and lawyer Shankar Limbu said, “It is a serious issue that Madhes is burning.

The vehicle of National Human Rights Commission was torched recently while security personnel shot at Madhesis for being brown skinned.”

A press statement issued by the organiser stated that their further programs included meeting with various political parties, staging protests in front of Nepal Press Council, United Nations office building in Pulchowk, interacting with mainstream media about distortion of news reports to various donors as well as foreign emissaries, misguided news coverage and dubious rumours spread against the demand of Madhes-based parties.