NHRC to monitor protests of Federal Alliance

KATHMANDU: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Friday said it would monitor protest programmes of the Federal Alliance.

The alliance of 30 parties including constituents of the United Democratic Madhesi Front is launching the  “Let’s go to Kathmandu, Let’s encircle Singh Durbar" programme on Saturday.

The NHRC spokesperson Mohna Ansari said the constitutional body decided to monitor the protest programmes after holding separate discussions with local administration, Nepal Police, protesters and human rights activists.

"While the protesters have expressed a commitment to keep the protests peaceful and security personnel also committed not to use unnecessary force," Ansari said in a statement today.

Other human rights activists would also monitor the demonstrations, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, the NHRC urged all sides concerned to respect principles of human rights as provisioned in various and international laws including the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights during the protests.

The group which had been protesting the Constitution promulgated last year on April 22 had announced new protest programmes for what they said “rewriting of the Constitution”.

The United Democratic Madhesi Front, which had carried out a Madhes-centric protest for more than five months after the Constitution promulgation, has been leading the Federal Alliance.