NIC diktat to promote right to information

KATHMANDU: The National Information Commission on Sunday urged the political parties to regularly disseminate information on its activities as required by the Constitution.

In its three-point directive, the Commission urged the parties to carry out "pro-active disclosure" of information about 20 topics in each three months, nominate an information officer and install a signboard with contact details of the nominee at the office and maintain a record of complaints received and actions taken regarding right to information.

The Commission informed about the directive during a press conference in the Capital today.

The Commission on the occasion reiterated that the political parties should practice implementing the constitutional provisions regarding the right to information as they are key stakeholders of a sustainable democracy.

The directive has been sent to all 180 parties registered with the Election Commission, informed Information Commission Spokesperson Bed Nithi Adhikari.

The Information Commission had consulted the Development Committee of Parliament before issuing the directive, according to Adhikari.