Kathmandu, January 21

Nepal Medical Council has sent documents to National Forensic Science Laboratory to investigate the case of Akriti Kumari Shah, who died following a surgery at Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre in May.

The council has been investigating the death of the five-year-old girl, who died allegedly due to wrong blood transfusion during her heart surgery in the country’s largest cardiac centre.

Shah from Sarlahi district had ‘O positive’ blood group, but she was transfused with ‘A positive’ blood during the surgery.

“We have sent the documents to find out who had written her blood group as ‘A positive.’ The council will take further decision after the investigation concludes,” said a member of the council.

The council has warned the hospital not to repeat such mistakes in the future. “We have issued the last warning to the hospital. We have also advised the health workers at the hospital to take precautions while performing surgeries,” said Dr Bishwa Dawadi chief of the Ethical Committee at Nepal Medical Council.

Akriti had heart ailment (double-chamber right ventricle) since birth. She was admitted to the hospital on 26 April 2019 and doctors had suggested surgery. She underwent surgery on April 30.

Nepal Medical Council had formed a five-member probe team under the co-ordination of senior cardiac surgeon Dr Bhagwan Koirala to investigate Shah’s death.