No irregularity in relief distribution, claims DPM Gautam

KATHMANDU: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Bamdev Gautam has said that there were no irregularities in the relief distribution for April 25 earthquake victims.

Speaking in a meeting of Public Accounts Committee under the Legislature-Parliament today, DPM Gautam assured that there were no irregularities in relief distribution and even if it was found anywhere, the concerned bodies would take action immediately.

He further informed that the government is preparing to shift the quake-affected settlements to safer zones and the preparations are in the final stage.

DPM Gautam added that Rs 15,000 has been provided to each quake-affected family and the remaining Rs 200,000 will be provided to the survivors for construction of quake-resistant houses.

On the occasion, DPM Gautam shared details of the expenditure made during the rescue and relief operations. He informed that Nepal Army, foreign organisations and private sectors mobilised 39 helicopters and they made 4,639 flights during the period.

The House Committee Chair Janardan Sharma said that another expenditure report will also be prepared by the Parliament Secretariat.

Home Secretary Surya Silwal in the meeting said that the government managed one-door policy in relief distribution expecting to proportionally distribute the relief to the survivors.

He further informed that the Central Natural Disaster Rescue Fund so far has received Rs 12 billion and over Rs 11.88 billion was distributed.

Secretary Silwal, meanwhile, claimed that some risky families were unwilling to be shifted to safer zones.