Chief Commissioner of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) Prem Kumar Rai has expressed commitment to take action against anyone who is found misusing their authority, on the basis of truthful evidence.

At a programme organised at the Commission's head office in Kathmandu on Saturday, the Chief Commissioner asserted that he would not work based on requests.

Expressing concern over the increasing graph of corruption in the country, he shared that his main challenge was to work in such a way that would reach the general public. Chief Commissioner Rai claimed that the work of corruption-control would be carried out in a transparent manner through his office in line with the country's Constitution, anti-corruption laws, and within the scope of the Commission.

He further stated that the general public, people in media and social media have been expressing concerns over the expanding corruption in the country, and therefore, action would be taken in line with their expectations.

Rai also professed that during his tenure in the office, he would work in such a way so as to leave a historic mark and that no innocent would be tried on the basis of vengeance and prejudice.

Chief Commissioner Rai, requesting the support of all, remarked that he would require the backing of general public to accomplish tasks related to corruption investigation and control.

Locals, local representatives, social workers, and experts were present at the programme to congratulate newly appointed Chief Commissioner Rai.