Kathmandu, September 7:

Minister for Education Renu Yadav has appealed to keep the education sector free from political meddling.

Inaugurating the Manohara Settlement Community Learning Centre (MSCLC) here, Minister

Yadav said political meddling had impinged on the development of the education sector.

“Change will be impossible if there is political interference in the education sector. That is why, we should keep the education sector free from politics,” Minister Yadav said.

“I will not let politics rule the education sector”, the minister said, adding that officers of the ministry and other offices under it will not be transferred.

“Our task is to make all illiterate Nepalis literate and make sure that children, who have dropped out of schools, enrol again,” she said, pledging to take action against schools charging exorbitant fees.

Balananad Poudel, secretary of the ministry, said, “By next year, we will launch a campaign to make 60,000 housewives literate.”

A Constituent Assembly member, Jhhaku Prasad Subedi, said housewives’ literacy rate is very low.

“The housewives should be educated to enable them to lead a better life,” he said.

Presently, 180 housewives have joined a six-year course designed by the Non-Formal Education Centre of the MSCLC to impart education to homemakers.

A section officer at the Non-Formal Education Centre, Punya Prasad Shrestha, said the course comprises three-year primary education, two-year lower secondary education and one-year secondary education programmes.

After completing the six-year course, the students can sit for the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination, Shrestha said.