No promotion without at least D plus in Grade VIII

Bhaktapur, February 11

Grade VIII students now have to score at least D plus in the final examinations to get promoted to Grade IX, as per a recent decision taken by the Ministry of Education.

According to Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Education Hari Lamsal, this system has been introduced as Grade VIII examinations will be conducted by the local levels now onwards.

“As letter grading system has been implemented in Grade VIII, students will have to score at least D plus to get promotion to the next grade,” said Lamsal, adding, “This will make sure that only those students who work hard get promoted.”

Krishna Prasad Kapri, executive director at Curriculum Development Centre, informed that there are altogether nine subjects in the Grade VIII. Students will have to score at least D Plus in eight of the compulsory subjects to get admission in Grade IX. “Students will also be given the opportunity to take re-exam to improve their grades,” said Kapri.

“The government has already decided to entrust the local levels with conducting Grade VIII exams from the new academic session,” he said.