No round-the-clock parturition service in Maulapur

Rautahat, April 24

Several women seeking parturition service at the birthing centre of Maulapur Rural Municipality-based Primary Health Centre in Rautahat have been complaining of irregular service at the health facility.

The women say that health workers open the centre according to their convenience.

The birthing centre was established with the aim of providing safe parturition services, but many women are dissatisfied due to the intermittent services.

“It is supposed to be a 24-hour facility. But sometimes these health workers open it at 11:00am and they shut by 2:00pm,” Rabi Sah, a local, said.

District Health Office Rautahat Chief Nabal Kishor Jha, however said that his office had not received any complaint regarding the service provided by the birthing centre.

Jha assured that the chief of the office would be asked for clarification if it turned out that parturition service was not provided for 24 hours.